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The Top 5 Artificial Plants for 2021

The Top 5 Artificial Plants for 2021

Houseplants have increased in popularity this year as people sheltered in place to keep themselves and others safe. Houseplants, whether faux or real, brighten up all homes with beautiful greenery.

From snake plants to bunny ear cactus, 2020 had plants trends with a variety of plant textures and patterns. The year 2021 comes with new top plant trends that will take root.

5 Artificial Houseplant Trends for 2021

Here are six houseplant trends for you to try in your home next year:



The calathea, also known as the prayer plant, are famous for their wide green colorful leaves. Calatheas are a popular houseplant choice for offices and homes because they easily lighten up any room.

Real calatheas require a lot of work to keep alive because they need high amounts of humidity, indirect sun and proper watering on a schedule. Artificial calatheas give you vibrant color to add to your decor without the hassle.

2. Bird’s Nest Fern

Bird’s nest ferns are a tropical plant species that have leaves that fan out from a nest like gathering in the center. These plants offer bright color and gorgeous texture that provide a unique look for your home.

3. Pancake Plant


The pancake plant, also known as pilea or Chinese money plant, is a small plant with round flat leaves. This plant is the most popular plant on Instagram because of it’s unusual leaves and whimsical dancing stems.

It is a plant that looks good on coffee tables, floating shelves, or anywhere you have space for a new plant. Artificial pancake plants from Bloomr are lifelike and pair well with textured plant pots.

4. ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant has been around for centuries. They originate in drought-prone areas of Africa and are known to survive harsh conditions. They are popular because of their wide, attractive, dark green leaves.

Real ZZ plants are highly toxic to animals and humans when ingested, and they can even be a skin irritant if you don’t wash your hand immediately after touching them. With an artificial ZZ plant, you can get the look without worrying about toxicity.

5. Oak Ficus


The oak ficus is a large plant that can dress up any corner in your home. Add it near your desk in your home office, next to your couch, or in your entryway. It’s large dark green leaves are shiny and sure to draw attention from visitors.

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