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How to Style Your Coffee Table for Fall

How to Style Your Coffee Table for Fall

Autumn is coming soon, and with it comes a whole new style that you can incorporate into your home. Many people choose to style their porches for fall, but why not style the inside of your home as well.

A great place to start is with the coffee table in your living room or family room. Cozy up with some apple cider and start decorating using our helpful tips and tricks. 

How to Style Your Coffee Table for Fall

Here are seven steps that will help you style your coffee table for fall 2021.

1. Select a Theme

halloween themed coffee table

Although your overall coffee table will be fall-themed, you can mix up the styles to match the rest of your home decor. For instance, if you have a modern living room or family room with neutral colors, you can opt for a classy fall theme by using all-white pumpkins and silver leaves. If you enjoy the spooky aspect of fall, you can add in a skull, a spider, or some props from your favorite horror movie.

No matter what theme you choose, you’ll be sure to wow your guests with your unique style.

2. Combine Different Textures and Shapes

Play around with different shapes and textures when decorating your coffee table for fall. Try out some fun woven baskets with a gourd, some pumpkins, and silk leaves. Or you can mix and match candlesticks, vases, and bowls that are all made of different materials that will be truly eye-catching. 

3. Use the Rule of Three

The rule of three dictates that you divide your table into three sections to help you decide what looks best where. This rule works well for long rectangular tables, while the grid (four section rule) looks great on square tables. 

Add in some dimension by placing your fall items at different levels in each section to make your table decor stand out.

4. Incorporate Faux Evergreen Plants

plant on coffee table

Plants are a year round delight to admire on your coffee table. It doesn’t have to be spring or summer for you to enjoy greenery and florals. 

Some great faux plants to use for fall include ferns, artificial succulent arrangements, begonia, or agave.

5. Use a Decorative Tray

coffee table tray

A tray provides practical and stylish elements to your coffee table decor at any time of year. For fall, try a galvanized steel tray or a rustic wooden tray. 

Fill the tray with various fall elements like mini pumpkins, fall leaves, and other items that match your theme.

6. Personalize it

The objects on your coffee table should tell your story. Add in some elements of your favorite fall things or things you’ve collected. For instance, you may choose to style some mini pumpkins you picked out on a date or a pinecone you picked up on one of your favorite hikes. 

Throw in a picture of you and your loved ones from a pumpkin patch or a haunted house to really give your decor a personal touch.

7. Add a Couple of Decorative Books

books on table

Decorative books are a must when designing a coffee table for any season. You can choose books for your table that are related to fall or you can choose books that tie in the colors of your living room. 

For a more rustic fall look, try wrapping your books in brown paper with some twine.

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