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A Wedding DIYer's Guide to Flower Table Centerpieces | Bloomr

A Wedding DIYer's Guide to Flower Table Centerpieces | Bloomr

What is a wedding without flowers? And what would a wedding reception be without beautiful flower centerpieces on each table? With a whole slew of flowers to choose from, how can you ever decide on which ones to use? Not to worry, we have a some tips to help you.

Pick flowers that are in season

In season flowers are less expensive. They are also readily available. In case your favorite florist has run out of your chosen flowers, you can easily find them elsewhere if they are in season. They also stay fresher longer. Remember, some flowers are seasonal for a reason. Some flowers thrive in the heat. Others in cooler environments.

Big blooms, big savings

Okay, maybe not humongous savings, but if you have big flowers, you would need less of them than having smaller flowers in larger numbers. Having a stem of hydrangea on a small vase with a few fillers as a centerpiece for a small table will actually be cheaper than having a bunch of roses as a centerpiece.

Consider the theme

The reception venue would look absolutely breathtaking if everything came together harmoniously. That is why the colors of your centerpieces need to match the overall theme of your wedding. Having the entire rainbow represented on your flower table centerpiece at your white wedding might be a bit too much.

Table size and venue

If you have a long table, you would most probably have a table runner with the centerpieces arranged at intervals along the center. If you have small individual tables, you would have a centerpiece for each. For long tables, a slightly taller flower centerpiece would do just fine. But for small tables, you might want to have a smaller, shorter centerpiece. Having a tall, large centerpiece at a small table will leave less space for plates and less room for conversation. Imagine looking up from your plate and seeing petals and greenery instead of your tablemate's face.

Consider, as well, the size of your venue. Small centerpieces will not have much of an impact in a large venue.

Floral foam

If you are using fresh flowers, you might want to consider using floral foam instead of having water inside a vase. Accidents happen and sometimes floral centerpieces topple over. Floral foams hold water effectively. Their density and compactness prevents water from dripping all over the place. These will keep your flowers fresh throughout the reception. Just make sure that when you are soaking your floral foam to not press down on it and just leave it to absorb water at its own pace. This way, there will be no air pockets inside the foam. This ensures that there is enough water for your flowers to last until the end of the night.


Often, beginners at flower arranging want to make sure that every single flower and leaf is even, and at the right place. This usually results in a sterile display. You don't have to worry about not having your flowers perfectly even. Let nature take its course. There is something charming about flower arrangements that are not perfect.

Greenhouse Succulent Arrangement - Bloomr

Florals and succulent

A fresh idea for flower centerpieces: succulents! These prickly little cuties have beautiful flowers that will brighten up the tables at your wedding reception. They need no water, are sure to stay fresh, and do not need a lot to clean up afterwards. And they really are quite easy to care for. You can mix succulents with florals for a fresh and vibrant look. Bloomr has a faux succulent and plant collection you may want to check out.

Modern Simplicity Arrangement - Bloomr

Artificial flowers

Having artificial flower centerpieces can actually be cheaper than having fresh flowers for your centerpiece. You just need a good place to get them, buy in bulk, and take advantage of discounts. Artificial flowers need no water, no maintenance, and are often already available as an arranged piece. You would not have to do any of the flower arranging yourself. Just order, wait for the delivery, and place them on the tables. Oh, and did I mention that artificial flowers are forever? There is no need to check in from time to time whether they’re still fresh or in need of replacing. Now, that is one less thing to worry about. You can check out Bloomr's artificial floral arrangements here

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